‘Succession’ Star Sarah Snook Is Going From Shiv Roy To Jane Austen

We’re in the midst of another Jane Austen revival but with a twist: The movies based on the pre-Victorian novelist’s works really lean into how funny they are. Unlike the tonier adaptations from the ’90s (the Emma Thompson-led Sense and Sensibility, et al.), these new ones — 2016’s Love & Friendship, this year’s Emma. — are lighter and sillier, comedies first and period pieces second. So it’s good news that Sarah Snook, one of the breakout stars of the funny-dark Succession, will get to star in her own, hopefully also super funny Austen outing.

As per Deadline, Snook — who plays sly and sarcastic Siobhan “Shiv” Roy on the much-loved HBO show — will headline Persuasion, the last Austen novel published and the second of two released posthumously after her untimely death. It was previously filmed in 1995 in a version featuring the likes of Ciaran Hinds and Fiona Shaw. Here’s Deadline’s description of Austen’s plot:

The novel tells the story of Anne Elliot (Snook) who, many years after refusing the proposal of young naval officer Frederick Wentworth, finds herself navigating the waters of English society when Wentworth returns from war a wealthy and decorated Captain. As Anne ponders missed opportunities, she must consider her own regrets and unwavering, possibly unrequited love.

There’s no word yet on who will be joining Snook, but it should be nice, albeit a touch surreal, to see her playing someone who deserves to do well romantically and otherwise. Will it wind up as funny as watching Snook watch Jeremy Strong rap? You’ll have to wait god knows how long to find out. Then again, you only have to wait a handful of days to see whether or not she wins an Emmy.

(Via Deadline)