‘Suicide Squad’ Keeps Breaking Box Office Records

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08.11.16 3 Comments

Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad screened for critics last Tuesday and disaster seemed more or less imminent. It got savaged and the film currently has a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Normally, this type of thing is not the prelude to a movie crushing records left and right, but apparently the squad is even better at making money than it is at angering critics.

First off, the movie had the best first Monday and Tuesday in theaters in August, which, sure, is one of those overly specific records that only a studio press release loves. But Suicide Squad also earned more on its first Tuesday than Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Batman V. Superman. Keep in mind, this is a movie about a bunch of second-tier Batman villains and a ruthless bureaucrat, not the X-Men.

Also fascinating, especially in the wake of the critical response, are the raw numbers. So far, Suicide Squad has made $326 million in theaters globally, with half that coming from America. For contrast, Batman V. Superman‘s huge opening had only a little more than a third of its box office come from American wallets.

If the trend holds, Suicide Squad will be going into the weekend with $375 million globally in the bank. It’s currently expected to make roughly $50 million this weekend and keep the number one spot at the box office, so don’t be surprised if the squad is back in theaters sooner than we thought.

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