The Joker, Digs At Marvel, And Villains Galore: We Break Down The ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer

By now, we’ve all seen the Comic-Con footage of Suicide Squad. It’s pretty packed with nerd goodies in general, but there are a few interesting more important tidbits hidden among the footage and soaring arias. Let’s take a look, shall we?

To start with, that soaring, operatic pop song that scores most of this trailer? Yeah, it’s a Bee Gees hit. The lyrics, considering who the main villain of this movie is, are just a wee bit ominous, as well.

The trailer starts with Amanda Waller laying out that she’s gotten the squad together. Interestingly, she says that “Superman must have served as a beacon” and that supervillains have started turning up with increasing frequency. Or, rather, reappearing.

“Firm But Fair.” Suuuuuure you are.

Cara Delevingne, apparently before she becomes the Enchantress. How does that go for her?

Yeah. Not great.

The main thrust of the trailer, curiously, is actually Harley Quinn, who seems to have a rewritten origin here. We see her, as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, making out with Rick Flagg:

Before being the target of a raid:

And tortured by the Joker:

Note that the footage of the Joker, at the very end, has him holding ECT paddles. Also note that it appears Harleen is tortured into being Harley right in front of Rick Flagg. So, yeah, expect a thinkpiece or two about that.

Beyond that, we get looks at the entire cast. There’s El Diablo:

Killer Croc:

Captain Boomerang, who, by the way, appears to get in trouble with the rest of the team, likely a nod to his status in the comic books as a dirty coward:



Rick Flagg and sidekick Scott Eastwood:

And, of course, Deadshot:

Besides the cast, there’s another point of interest. Apparently, Batman is visible enough that you can get an off-the-rack fuzzy Batmask. Either that or the Joker, who’s staging a heist in this clip, really wants to tick Batman off:

And finally, the trailer even works in a little nod to/dig at Marvel. Apparently, bottom-rung supervillain The Orb has been reduced to working for the Joker:

Hey, when your head is a giant eye, you’ve got limited career options.

And for more superheroics on the silver screen…