Who Is Taika Waititi Playing In ‘The Suicide Squad’? DC Fans Have Some Guesses

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad made a big splash at DC FanDome, and fans were treated to a splashy trailer showcasing the star-studded cast and their roles in the sequel/relaunch. However, one cast member was notably missing: Taika Waititi. While it makes sense that Gunn would save a few tricks up his sleeves for when the film hits theaters in August 2021, it didn’t take long for the fan theories to come rolling in on Waititi’s mystery role.

Right out of the gate, folks latched onto the fact that King Shark was the only Suicide Squad character that didn’t have an actor attached to the part during the sizzle reel for the cast. Considering Waititi’s voiceover work on The Mandalorian and Thor: Ragnarok, fans were quick to speculate that he could be voicing the humanoid shark, which was played on set by Steve Agee.

While the case for Waititi playing King Shark is pretty strong, there are unconfirmed rumors that the villain in the film will be Starro the Conqueror, a giant, intergalactic starfish with mind control powers who’s given the Justice League a run for its money in the comics. It’s also the type of wacky role that has Waititi’s name written all over it. Although, again, Starro’s inclusion is merely speculation at this point.

Once the idea of Taika playing a secret villain was in the mix, fans really started dreaming big, and thus was born the long-shot theory that the Ragnarok director is the newest Joker.

Granted, Taika playing the Joker in The Suicide Squad seems unlikely and would retread a lot of ground from the original David Ayer film, the DC Extended Universe is an interesting place where anything can happen. There’s no longer a strict adherence to continuity, which puts almost everything on the table including casting Taika Waititi as the Joker. We’d probably put our money on King Shark or Starro, but it would be a hell of a trick if Gunn pulled a surprise like the Joker out of his hat.