The Cast Of The Upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Get Killed In The Next ‘Punisher’

Marvel wants these people dead. 

Feeling a little iffy about the upcoming Fantastic Four movie? Well, you have high-profile company, because Marvel Comics just took a deadly little jab at the movie and its cast in the latest issue of Punisher.

In the comic, three actors who look very much like Miles Teller, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara discuss their new movie being directed by somebody named “Trang” (the real FF movie is being directed by Josh Trank) and then, well, they blow up real good. For whatever reason a thinly-veiled version of Michael B. Jordan doesn’t get blasted – I guess his casting is the one part of this Fantastic Four movie Marvel agrees with.

Fantastic Four is being produced by Fox, a fact that Marvel seems to be particularly cranky about, possibly going so far as to cancel the Fantastic Four comic book to spite the movie. I’m not sure why Marvel is so hung up on Fantastic Four and not, say, X-Men or Spider-Man, but they unquestionably are, and comic’s first family is getting caught in the crossfire.

Check out the panels in question below…

Couldn’t they have blown up the cast of Rise of the Silver Surfer instead?

Via /Film