The First Teaser For ‘The Human Centipede 3’ Reveals That ‘The Final Sequence’ Will Be Really Gross

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All it took was the phrase “500-person prison centipede” to let us know what kind of disgusting film we’d be in for when The Human Centipede 3: The Final Sequence hits theaters and VOD on May 22. This is a franchise that was created to make us sick to our stomachs watching victims go A2M in the worst ways imaginable, so it goes without saying that the grand finale should unapologetically try to make every last one of us vurp, vomit and wretch all over ourselves and loved ones. And as we can see in this first teaser trailer, released by Vulture, Tom Six and Co. are not the least bit worried about coming off as politically incorrect.

Dieter Laser makes his return for The Final Sequence, and he’s joined by Eric Roberts, Tiny Lister and Bree Olson in what will be a must-see film for people who like making icky faces for two hours.