‘The Hateful Eight’ Cast Jokingly Share Blame On The Script Leak That Nearly Derailed The Film

The cast of The Hateful Eight (minus a few) showed up with Quentin Tarantino on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live and it gave us a chance to get down to the brass tacks about this whole script leak debacle that sparked this film into creation. Well, sort of. There is much chatter and some joking to be had, but we never really got a concrete answer on who did it (and it doesn’t matter now, does it). There’s a little bit about the serious side of the leak, but not enough to really take as a solid reveal of who exposed the script.

What we did get was plenty of plenty of joking around about Tarantino’s films, especially from Samuel L. Jackson. Apparently he can’t go anywhere — except China — without being asked about a Quarter Pounder with cheese and Marlon Brando was a fan of the Ezekiel speech from Pulp Fiction. Also Brando lived in a Chinese restaurant? At least that’s what I’m choosing to believe and hear from this interview.

There’s also a bit of love for Jackie Brown tossed out in QT’s portion of the interview, which is something I believe we can always have floating around.

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