Darkness! No Parents! LEGO Batman Is Getting A Spin-Off Movie, And Soon.

If you thought Will Arnett’s sarcastic, self-important, Bale-parodying LEGO Batman was the highlight of The Lego Movie, you’re not alone. (But he’s alone. NO PARENTS.) Warner is now fast-tracking a LEGO Batman spin-off movie, with Arnett returning, and they plan to release it in 2017 before The LEGO Movie 2. THR says The LEGO Movie sequel is being pushed back, as director Chris McKay will now helm LEGO Batman. Seth Grahame-Smith, who wrote the book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and we’ll never let him live that down, will pen the script.

LEGO Batman will likely take the May 26, 2017 release date formerly occupied by The LEGO Movie 2. He’ll still be all “darkness” and “no parents”, but at least he has his own movie. Kinda makes it better…