‘WHATN-E’ Is The Mashup Of ‘The Martian’ And ‘WALL-E’ You Didn’t Know You Needed

The movie adaptation of Andy Weir’s debut novel The Martian will hit theaters in less than a month and from what we’ve seen so far, it’ll be Ridley Scott’s best science fiction epic…since, uh, his last one. There’s a lot of excitement behind the Matt Damon-starring movie, which is sporting a pretty great looking cast, and that buzz has inspired some fans to look beyond the stars for something deep and meaningful. YouTuber Tony Dolezal is one of those people as this genius has gone ahead and mashed up the movie’s trailer with footage of another space survival film: WALL-E.

Mixing in earlier clips from the Disney/Pixar movie, Dolezal brings footage of the hero robot as he wanders around future Earth with the intention of cleaning up humanity’s mess. It’s pretty impressive to view the animation combined with Damon’s narration which turns WALL-E into a completely different film. To further nail home this mashup, Dolezal offers up a shot-for-shot split screen comparison video — that can be viewed below — which teases a much bleaker tale for our hero bot.

I’m pretty sure Matt Damon will do an amazing job portraying astronaut Mark Whatney on the big-screen this October. But between you and me, another space survival flick starring Disney’s cute little robot feels like the perfect cure to all our Labor Day Weekend woes.

(Via Tony Dolezal, H/T AV Club)