The New ‘Poltergeist’ Remake Trailer Will Help You Feel Unsettled Today

Fact: We don’t need a Poltergeist remake. Also a fact: A scary movie is a scary movie and some of us will watch it anyway, and if this trailer is any indication of the creepin’ heebie-jeebie nature of this movie, then it might be worth seeing after all. In the second trailer for Poltergeist, produced by Sam Raimi and directed by City of Ember‘s Gil Kenan, we get about the same amount of story with a little more tone than the first trailer. Because let’s face it: we know the story. We saw the original. But if Sam Raimi & Co. can make a scary movie even scarier, that might be fun, albeit superfluous.

Also: that clown, man. ::shudder::

Source: 20th Century Fox