A Woman Who Was Mauled By A Bear Says Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Got Off Extremely Lightly’

Remember last week, when Leonardo DiCaprio won the highest achievement in Hollywood for a movie in which he sleeps inside a horse, Luke and Han-style, and allegedly doesn’t get raped by a bear? That was fun. But it wasn’t amusing for anyone — actors, the director, naked guys being dragged across the cold ground — while The Revenant was being filmed. It could have been worse, though. Just ask the woman who was mauled by a bear in real life. She says DiCaprio’s character Hugh Glass “got off extremely lightly.”

In 2008, a 150-pound bear attacked Allena Hansen in California. She lost “14 teeth and had her nose and ears bitten off,” according to the Daily Mail. “She had to endure dozens of surgeries and spent years in rehabilitation recovering.” Having lived through the horrible ordeal, Hansen, whose barking dogs eventually scared away the furry tractor, now calls bull on the way the bear vs. man scene in The Revenant ended.

As you can see from the pictures of me when I was taken to ER, Leo got off extremely lightly indeed. And while we’re at it, bears that big don’t drop dead from three stab wounds to the shoulder with a Bowie knife. It struck me as risibly faked. (Via)

You do not want to see the pictures of Hansen after she was taken to the ER. Instead, here’s a bear who thinks he’s people.

Hula hoop bears > mauling bears.

(Via the Daily Mail)