Honest Trailers Compares ‘The Revenant’ To ‘Jackass,’ And It Makes Perfect Sense

Leonardo DiCaprio got off “extremely lightly” when he was attacked by a bear, so Screen Junkies is coming after him extra hard.

We’ve already seen the Honest Poster for The Revenant, a.k.a. F*cked By a Bear: The Leonardo DiCaprio Story (“starring courageous actors who got a bit cold and ate some meat”), and now here’s the Honest Trailer. The two-and-a-half hour endurance test, about Leo “scratching and clawing his way to an Academy Award” (it worked), is dismissed by Screen Junkies as “epic Oscar bait.” It is, after all, a true story about a historical figure, plus a “son he never had and a poetic ending where he finally gets the revenge the real guy never had.” Okay, but how many other Oscar winners have a scene where a furry tractor “takes advantage of” a man? It’s not Kramer vs. Kramer vs. Bear.

Other problems pointed out:

-All the shots of the sky
-Leo’s only acting competition: “Communist Heisenberg”
The Revenant‘s making-of story is more interesting than The Revenant
-“Two powerhouse performances you won’t be able to understand”
-So much grunting and mumbling

Also, the scene where Leo and the horse fall off a cliff? It’s basically The Empire Strikes Back meets Jackass, minus the Minutemen song. That actually sounds like a great movie. Leo’s already smelling Oscar blood in the water.