Return To Alcatraz With These Surprising Facts About ‘The Rock’ For Its 20th Anniversary

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More than fanny packs and Furbies, the ’90s are best remembered for its many classic films, and the best of these were its decade-defining action films. From Terminator 2: Judgement Day to Starship Troopers and Independence Day, if it didn’t involve massive explosions, spectacular special effects, and intricate stunts, then it was long forgotten by moviegoers. And one of the best films of the era is The Rock, the 1996 action film starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and the late Don Simpson, and directed by Michael Bay. Along with the likes of Con Air and Armageddon, it arrived near the beginning of Cage, Bruckheimer and Bay’s action movie renaissance that would shape the rest of that decade and the next.

To celebrate The Rock‘s 20th anniversary, check out these fascinating facts about its production, reception, and lasting cinematic legacy.

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