The Rock Got Mad During A Power Outage And (Maybe) Ripped His Gate Off Its Damn Hinges To Get To Work

When it comes to showing up every day and doing the work, The Rock doesn’t mess around. In fact, his fierce dedication to putting in the hours may have kicked off his infamous feud with Vin Diesel, given that the two clashed on the set of the The Fast and the Furious films. This time around, The Rock’s opponent was a hydraulic gate, and you probably won’t be surprised to see who was left standing.

In an Instagram post shared to his millions of followers on Saturday, The Rock shared a photo of a severely demolished gate in front of his home.

According to the post, there was a power outage from a series of storms, and the gate wouldn’t open. Unfortunately, The Rock had work to do, and what do you not do? Get between The Rock and his work:

I tried to override the hydraulic system to open the gates, which usually works when power goes out – but this time it wouldn’t. Made some calls to see how fast I can get the gate tech on site, but I didn’t have 45min to wait. By this time, I know I have hundreds of production crew members waiting for me to come to work so we can start our day. So I did what I had to do. I pushed, pulled and ripped the gate completely off myself. Tore it out of the brick wall, severed the steel hydraulics and threw it on the grass. My security team was able to meet the gate technician and welders about an hour later — and they were apparently, “in disbelief and equally scared.” Not my finest hour, but I had to go to work.

In a nod to his upcoming DC Comics role, The Rock added, “I think I’m ready to be Black Adam.”

While there’s been some speculation about whether The Rock is messing with fans and didn’t personally rip off the gate (does anyone seriously doubt that he could?), he later posted a series of follow-up videos of a welding crew repairing the gate along with his thanks for their quick work. “Thank you, gentlemen,” he wrote. “Just one of those days where I wasn’t in the mood. We’ve all been there.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for The Rock’s Red Notice co-star, Ryan Reynolds, to have some fun trolling the former wrestling star. The Deadpool star hopped into the comments with a helpful note: “The gate opened the OTHER way.”

(Via The Rock on Instagram)