‘The Witch’ As A Wes Anderson Movie Works Shockingly Well

The closest we’ve come to a horror film directed by Wes Anderson is the SNL parody, The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders. But Anderson, whose most recent project is the opposite of a scary movie — a decadent Christmas commercial for H&M — told The Goldfinch author Donna Tartt at the Rome Film Festival that he’s “thought of doing a horror movie… I like the idea of the requirements and the obligations of working in a genre like that. I’ve done some scenes like that, but I’d like to do a scary movie.” All Anderson has to do is not cast Jason Schwartzman in his next film, and viewers will be terrified.

His precise style would easily translate to the genre — the remarkably crafted and weirdly elegant The Witch, one of the year’s best (if most polarizing) horror movies, might as well have been directed by Anderson. It’s unsettling to watch, but so is Richie cutting his wrists and Buckley dying in The Royal Tenenbaums. (I’m only realizing now how traumatic this movie is.) Of course, the big difference between Anderson’s films and The Witch is that The Witch doesn’t have Bill Murray. It does, however, have Black Phillip. Now that Murray’s cool with goats, maybe it’s time for the two of them to work together? Add a Kinks song, and you’ve got yourself a road trip horror movie.

(Via CineFix)