Chris Hemsworth Calls ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ A Thor and the Hulk ‘Buddy Movie’

Supposedly, and that’s a big supposedly, Thor and Hulk are both taking a break from all the fun of Captain America: Civil WarThat makes sense we guess, especially considering that Mark Ruffalo has been busy winning Best Picture Oscars and Chris Hemsworth was preoccupied with a humongous whale for a few months there. But heading into the third Thor film, the two Avengers are teaming up again without the rest of the group involved. They’ll get to save the day as just two bros with some cool abilities and leave the egos of Iron Man and Hawkeye behind for once on Earth. In a video interview with MTV News, Hemsworth talked about what he wants from Thor: Ragnarok. But not before he mispronounced “absent” as “absinthe” because apparently the Movie Awards were lit this year:

“We’ve got a whole different thing going on…a love, a romance yeah.”

Charlize Theron, Hemsworth’s The Huntsmen: Winter’s War co-star, then suggested a “whole Thelma & Louise thing,” but don’t expect Hemsworth to root for everyone to stay alive. When asked if everyone survives, he responded like this:

“Or we may drive off a cliff like the two of them.”

Now that would be an ending that Marvel fans don’t see coming. Of course, if they did just drive off a cliff, Hulk could save them with his strength and impermeability, but that doesn’t make imagining it any less fun. A bromance Avengers team up is a seriously great idea though, and could even contain Thor and Hulk kicking back and watching a Judd Apatow movie with some pizza and beer in between saving the universe and all of humanity for the umpteenth time.

(via MTV News)