‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Will Be A Very Different, Hulk-Filled Experience Than The Prior Films

Kevin Feige’s chat with Empire that revealed some tidbits about Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 — namely that big bad Thanos wouldn’t be making an appearance — also included some insights on what we can expect from Thor: Ragnarok, the third Marvel film scheduled for 2017. While he’s mum on any solid plot details, he does note that the film will be much different than the two previous Thor films:

I don’t think people will read into that title alone [regarding] what the movie’s going to be. It’s going to be, perhaps, as totally different from the two prior Thor movies as Winter Soldier was from the first Captain America. We want to take it to new places, we’ve got new characters that will show how big we’re swinging on this. And we have a Hulk.

Given the speculation over The Hulk following Avengers: Age Of Ultron, his absence from Civil War and then Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 dashed people’s hopes that we might get The Hulk into space. Luckily, according to Feige, Thor: Ragnarok will very much be a space tale:

The film takes place within the cosmos primarily which is to say, frankly, very little Earth.

The lack of Thanos in Guardians and the presence of “the cosmos” in Thor, especially Asgard’s connection to the Infinity Stones, you almost have to assume that this will be the film that acts as the bridge into Infinity War. Loki will also be making an appearance in the film, making the connect seem even easier to make for the Mad Titan to be involved in the “doom of the gods” in Asgard.

Pure speculation on our part, but it is nice to see that Thor will be diving more into the aspects that set it apart as a comic in the early days and later during the ’80s. We got some of that within the sequel, but it still revolved around Thor’s connections to the Earth. Removing him allows a lot more play.

(Via Comics Alliance / Comic Book Movie)

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