It Sounds Like Tom Brady Is Warning The World Of His Impending Movie Stardom

It’s not particularly strange or unheard of for professional athletes to dabble in acting. Sometimes, for instance, it leads to a flourishing and successful career. Other times, it does not work out. But the fear of making a movie that might not hit isn’t something that scares Tom Brady, clearly, as 80 For Brady hits theaters this week.

It seems like the former pro football player might have been bitten by the acting bug after his on-screen debut in the sports comedy that your mom and her book club friends have been raving about. While on the red carpet for 80 For Brady, the football player says that he might be interested in becoming the world’s next great movie star, “I would like that,” he said when asked about appearing in another movie. “I had fun.”

Fun is one way to describe 80 For Brady, the comedy which follows a group of legendary actresses as they travel to Houston in order to see Brady play in Super Bowl LI. Brady stars and produced the film, so maybe he will have a future producing sport-adjacent movies.

Of course, when asked about his football retirement, Brady said, “When should I make the decision? These things take time. We’ve got to marinate it a bit.” He made the decision roughly 8 hours later. Maybe he has been marinating his movie career, too!

(Via Variety)