Tom Cruise Is Back To Filming Crazy ‘Mission: Impossible 8’ Stunts, And A Good Luck Talisman Is In Sight

Steven Spielberg recently declared that Tom Cruise saved Hollywood, and that job is never done. Tom has been off-and-on filming Mission: Impossible 8, which seems to be going much more smoothly than the Mission: Impossible 7 process. And that’s a relief, so that we can see Tom returning to casually perching atop speeding trains like the rest of us lounge upon our couches.

Do you ever worry about Tom’s crazy stunts, and whether he’ll ever realize that he (as our own Brian Grubb pointed out) really doesn’t have to do this? He’s proven himself. We fully believe that he’s capable and willing and would leap off skyscrapers and hang onto the side of airborne planes again at the drop of a hat. Yet still, he won’t stop, and although that can be concerning, here’s a sign that you really don’t need to worry: a ladybug.

The good luck talisman was apparently hanging near the vantage point of director Christopher McQuarrie, who also posted another glimpse from inside an airplane that’s filming Tom’s airborne stunts for this sequel.

As Variety also reports, Tom headed into the Italian port city of Bari over the weekend, and he’s currently filming from a U.S. aircraft carrier, which is now sitting “somewhere between Italy and Croatia,” according to Apulia Film Commission Antonio Parente. The production is taking place in several locations around the globe, so expect Tom to be hanging off planes everywhere as usual. Maybe we’ll see him drop into view at The White Lotus, dang it. Now that would be a real stunt.

(Via Variety & Chris McQuarrie on Instagram)