Lace Up Your Sneakers And Sprint Along With This Marathon Of A Tom Cruise Running Supercut

Hall-of-fame smiler/popular actor Tom Cruise is in incredible shape. How can he maintain that sort of physique as a fiftysomething? Is it a religious thing? Self-discipline? Unicorn stem cells? The supercut nestled above serves as evidence that the Tropic Thunder star might have running so damn much in his movies to thank for his perpetually fit silhouette.

Burger Fiction has been kind enough to craft an “Every Tom Cruise Run Ever” compilation so the planet can truly experience Cruise’s running prowess. Does Cruise’s character in Collateral run in a different style than his character in Vanilla Sky? You know it, dude/dudette! There’s obviously a massive amount of Cruise running funzos to choose from and as a complete set this video clocks in at a lengthy 18 minutes. It reads long, but Cruise sprinting makes the time roll by superfast. Plus, you can always sync up a light jog with this supercut being set to repeat.

Judging by the trailer for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Burger Fiction might need to add extra couple minutes to this compilation when the film debuts next week. Hit play to experience the magic of speedy Cruise and have a think about whether or not Ethan Hunt should consider a mission that takes place mostly on a bus.