Tom Hanks Reveals How He Found His ‘Forrest Gump’ Voice And How Painful It Is To Record ‘Toy Story’

The Graham Norton Show has yielded a couple of adorable videos featuring the Nicest Actor Ever Tom Hanks. Appearing with Peter Capaldi, Hanks looks like he bleached his hair for a role, but that’s besides the point because he spent a lot of this segment talking about the voices he’s done in movies. First, he talked about figuring out the voice he would use for Forrest Gump. As we all know, Forrest was played by Hanks and a child actor, Michael Connor Humphreys, who was from Mississippi and went on to join the military and serve in Iraq. Director Robert Zemeckis told Hanks that he needed to get the young actor and the older actor to speak the same way, so rather than try to teach the elementary-school-aged boy to change the way he talked, Hanks took his vocal cues from him.

In the clip below, Hanks also talks about what doing the voice of Woody in Toy Story does to him and it sounds pretty exhausting and achy. But he confirms — legally, we hope — that Toy Story 4 is currently in production and due to come out in 2018.

But maybe I’m burying the lede because Tom Hanks and Peter Capaldi both won Oscars in 1995 and how random is that? Except that in 1995, no one in the press cared about Peter Capaldi, which they should regret forever.


Source: Tastefully Offensive