Tom Hanks Thinks He’s Made At Least Four ‘Pretty Good’ Movies (So Let’s Guess Them!)

Tom Hanks — Oscar winner, America’s dad, the Wonders manager — has added another credit to his LinkedIn page: author.

The actor has written his first novel, The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, about the making of a “colossal, star-studded, multimillion-dollar superhero action film and the humble comic book that inspired it.” Hanks told People magazine that every character in the decades-spanning book is based on “something I’ve experienced while making a movie, as well as discovered a philosophy or learned an important lesson. Even the foolish moments are some kind of stunt I’ve pulled or mistake I’ve survived.” He added that “no one knows how a movie is made,” even someone who’s been in dozens of them. “I’ve made a ton of movies (and four of them are pretty good, I think) and I’m still amazed at how films come together. The whole process is a miracle.”

Hanks was just being humble when he said he’s been in only four “pretty good” movies, but if he genuinely thinks that, Cloud Atlas, A League of Their Own, and Cast Away are probably three of the quartet. As for the fourth film, it’s probably Bachelor Party or Elvis. Or maybe the four Toy Story movies into one mega-movie. Let’s go with that.

The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece hits stores on May 9, 2023.

(Via People)