Tom Hardy And His Adorable Dog Got To Hang Out With Other Dogs On This Talk Show

Tom Hardy and Woody, his beloved dog, can’t seem to be separated here lately. Not only did Woody join Hardy at the recent premiere of his film Legend, but now the adorable lab went with the actor to an appearance on Chatty Man with Alan Carr. Woody clearly knows something is up from the start and starts sniffing around the stage, paying no attention to the host or his movie star best friend. There were clearly other dogs in the area.

That leads to Carr bringing up the Instagram that features Tom Hardy holding dogs and bringing out a few dogs to add to the pile. First, as you can check out above, is a Basset Hound and Hardy takes to it almost immediately. Woody is nowhere to be found, sadly, but it doesn’t seem like the type of dog matters to Tom Hardy that much. He’s all over it.

And then we have the big dog in the form of a Great Dane. This is the kind of dog you want to film a buddy cop film with or some sort of gritty re-imagining of Scooby Doo, with Tom Hardy as Shaggy. He acts the way he does because of the accident during the war, so don’t mess with him or his dog. It could be perfect. Not that Hardy and Woody aren’t perfect (or Hardy and any dog at this point), I just don’t get the gritty vibe from their friendship. They’re more apt to pick up chicks together and possibly end up in some romantic comedy with Anne Hathaway.

I’m just spitballing here, of course. Like fantasy football, it’s never going to really happen.

(Via Chatty Man)