The First ‘Tomb Raider’ Trailer Looks Just Like The Game

A few years ago, Tomb Raider ditched the giant polygonal curves and goofy dinosaurs and mummies for a spare, bloody story of a young woman trapped on a cursed island, being driven to the brink of madness. It was great, and we were promised the movie would be exactly like that. It turns out that promise was far more literal than we imagined.

This trailer will feel more than a little familiar if you’ve played through the reboot. In fact, there are entire sequences in the trailer lifted directly from the game, including Lara (played by Alicia Vikander) running across a perilously balanced WWII bomber stuck in a waterfall. We also see her put a few arrows in faces as she sprints through the woods, grimy and sweaty, and even signature bits like her ice axe make an appearance.

While the trailer emphasizes action, the game’s story was more a tale of horror. Lara ends the game stronger, more assertive, but also colder and scarier. It’s literally built into the game; you can’t kill enemies with your ice axe until Lara experiences enough trauma in the story that it makes sense she can bury a blade in a man’s skull without flinching. Will the movie stick with that tone? We’ll find out March 16th.

(Via Warner Bros.)