A Pixar Favorite Has A Sneaky Cameo In The ‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer


It’s a time-honored Pixar tradition for characters (or the Pizza Planet truck) from one movie to appear in another movie, like The Incredibles‘ Bomb Voyage working as a street mime in Ratatouille or a wood carving of Sulley from Monsters, Inc. in Brave. Sometimes Pixar will even get sneaky, debuting new characters before their official introduction — that happened when Nemo showed up in Monsters, Inc. two years before Finding Nemo was released. It’s also the case for Duke Caboom. Who is Duke Caboom? Only your new favorite Pixar character, because he’s a Canadian daredevil voiced by Keanu Reeves.

Duke was introduced in The Incredibles 2 (The Incred2bles), but he didn’t have a name or description until this week, when the Toy Story 4 trailer was released. Here’s what you need to know about Mr. Caboom: he loves motorcycles, and Reeves pulled a Tom Cruise-talking-to-Oprah during the audition process.

“We met with Keanu and before he even signed on, he wanted to have lunch. And once he came to the table, he started asking all these great questions and doing different voices and actually jumped up on the table in the middle of Pixar to act out the character and his great ideas that we didn’t have in there originally,” director Josh Cooley told Entertainment Weekly. “It was really incredible. Keanu really did help craft that character in a huge, huge way.”

I would pay good money to see Reeves, in character as Canadian daredevil Duke Caboom, screaming on top of a table. Instead, I will pay good money to see Toy Story 4, which features a cameo from a Pixar favorite.


Do you see her, to the right of Bonnie?

It’s Boo! The actress who voiced the curious toddler, Mary Gibbs, told a Disney fan blog that she’s “ventured far from my acting days into the world of health and fitness.” She’s done with acting, but “if Pixar approached me with the opportunity to come back with Boo, I would gladly accept.” So, if you hear someone say “Mike Wazowski!” in Toy Story 4, you’ll know Pixar reached out.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)