‘Toy Story 4’ Has A Post-Credits Scene That’s Worth Sticking Around For


(Spoilers for Toy Story 4 will be found below.)

For anyone worried that a fourth Toy Story movie was unnecessary after the franchise seemingly wrapped up with Toy Story 3, with Woody and the gang staring death in the face (death looked a lot like an incinerator) and saying “OK,” fear not: Toy Story 4 is wonderful (our glowing review) and “so emotional,” as Tim Allen said. “I couldn’t even get through the last scene… They’ve got great characters, but a couple of scenes toward the end were really hard to get through.” No kidding. The last line of the film gutted me. But in a good way!

But I wiped the tears out of my eyes quickly, because Toy Story 4 has mid-credit scenes and a post-credits scene. One mid-credits series of scenes tells a cute story about Woody’s new life helping toys find homes with Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, Giggle McDimples, Ducky and Bunny (who have laser eyes, apparently; cue the Keanu Reeves “whoa”), and more new friends at the carnival, while the other introduces Forky to Lady Forky. They’re both a lot of fun, but the post-credits scene is even better. It’s quick, barely 10 seconds long, but it’s a nice nod to Pixar’s history. You might even say it’s high five-worthy.

Pixar has one of the best production logos out there, but you know how to make it better? Have Duke Caboom squash the “i” instead of Luxo Jr. That’s clever enough as is, but I was radiating with happiness (or maybe it’s because I just watched Chernobyl) when one of the Combat Carls from earlier in the film finally got his high five! From Duke! That Keanu Reeves, what a small person.

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Same, Bo Peep. Same.