Danny Boyle Is Finally Ready To Make The ‘Trainspotting’ Sequel We’ve All Been Waiting For

The last time we reported any new information on Danny Boyle’s plans to direct the follow-up his 1996 film Trainspotting, it was two years ago. Since then, the director released 2013’s Trance unto the world. And in just a handful of weeks, the Apple-themed biopic Steve Jobs will be hitting theaters everywhere. So what about that highly buzzed about return to Irvine Welsh’s world? According to Deadline, Danny Boyle says it is finally happening:

“All the four main actors want to come back and do it. Now it is only a matter of getting all their schedules together which is complicated by two of them doing American TV series,” Boyle says.

The two actors tied to American TV series are Jonny Lee Miller (aka Sick Boy), who has been enjoying a rather successful run on CBS’s Elementary as a modern day, recovering addict version of Sherlock Holmes. The other is Robert Carlyle, who is really great at presenting his anti-Begby best on ABC’s Once Upon A Time as Mr. Gold/ Rumplestiltskin. Both actors have expressed their interest in the project, along with Ewan McGregor, who seems to be down to take a break from all the Jedi-ing to get back on the heroin train. While TV schedules may seem nutty —  and possibly pose an issue to getting the production off the ground — their excitement to head back 20 years later to the project is admittedly exciting.

Screenwriter John Hodge has also returned  — he penned the original movie adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel — as he has finished the script for Trainspotting 2, also known as Porno. Since writing Trainspotting for Boyle, Hodge has also worked with the director on previous films A Life Less Ordinary, The Beach, and Trance.

Gee, I hope the sequel finally happens. It’s totally time to make heroin cool again. Right? Right, guys!?

(Via Deadline)