Turns Out Michael Peña Scares Easily In The Latest ‘Ant-Man’ TV Spot

The new official photos from Marvel’s Ant-Man gave us, among other things, a glorious meme-worthy photo of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) stuck in an exploded ant bed. Great stuff, but fans are accustomed to the studio’s Disney-funded penchant for releasing increasingly frequent trailers and TV spots that gradually reveal what they assume to be most of the movie.

So of course a new commercial is out for Ant-Man. And since we already know who most of the major players are, it looks like the final stretch of advertising will focus on supporting roles. One of the newly released photos featured David Dastmalchian, who’s most notable previous gig was that of a Joker henchman in The Dark Knight (i.e., the guy who, according to Robo, doesn’t know how to properly bespectacle himself).

But this spot gives us a taste of Lang’s crew, including Luis (Michael Peña) — otherwise known as “daddy.”

(Via Marvel)