Mark Wahlberg’s Mustache-Free Look In The ‘Uncharted’ Movie Has People All Fired Up

Remember when the first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer led to an increase in teeth-based nightmares? I’m normally not a fan of billion-dollar movie studios listening to social media backlash, but Paramount was absolutely correct to give in to the mob and redesign the character (meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the fabled “butthole cut” of Cats).

I bring up Sonic because on Monday, the New York Times shared the first image from another popular video game series, Uncharted. Tom Holland plays rugged hero and professional treasure hunter Nathan Drake, while Mark Wahlberg is Nathan’s father figure and fellow adventurer, Victor “Sully” Sullivan.

This is what Sully looks like at his youngest (mid-40s) in the games:


Here is what Mark Wahlberg looks like in Uncharted:

Something appears to be missing. Maybe the Uncharted movie will have a perfectly rational explanation for why Sully — who looks like this in non-flashbacks — doesn’t have a mustache. Maybe he had to shave it off to complete a puzzle (there’s a lot of puzzles in Uncharted) or it was weighing him down while jumping from building to building (there’s even more jumping). But for now, fans of the video games are confused why Sully, whose three character traits are “too old for this sh*t,” “loves smoking cigars,” and “has a mustache,” is not old, isn’t smoking a cigar, and doesn’t have a mustache.

The weird thing is, Wahlberg has teased the Sully mustache (Sully Mustache is an excellent fake name) in the past. So now fans of the game are wondering what happened.

I still have faith the mustache will appear (maybe it will be a reverse Henry Cavill situation?) and that Uncharted will be as much fun as the games.

(Via the New York Times)