Kate Beckinsale Dusts Off Her Leather Catsuit For ‘Underworld 5’

Last year, Kate Beckinsale’s trophy husband, director Len Wiseman, said he had two more Underworld sequels and an Underworld TV show in development, literally six movies and a season. At least one of those three projects is moving forward.

THR says Beckinsale has signed on for a fifth Underworld movie, shooting in Prague this October. It will be directed by Anna Foerster, a second-unit director who was also the director of photography on The Day After Tomorrow and White House Down.

The story will “focus on a new and younger generation of vampires and werewolves who are locked in a seemingly never-ending battle between supernatural races.”

As rumored, Theo James will reprise his character of David (because it was in his contract, which he probably signed before landing Divergent: Insurgent Detergent Merchant).

We can thank the rest of the world for this. Underworld Awakening only turned a profit thanks to a solid turnout in foreign theaters. Apparently, a werewolf-slaying Kate Beckinsale in a leather catsuit translates to any language.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)