A Terrible Person Ruined The Best ‘Christmas Vacation’-Themed Lawn Display Of All Time

The most gloriously decadent Christmas display of all time landed on (of all places) a Fort Smith, Arkansas, front lawn. The setup depicted a notorious scene featuring Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Randy Quaid’s beloved character was accurately represented in his white robe with fetching dress shoes. He held a beer in one hand and a pump hose in the other. The first thought that ran through any loyal fan’s mind was “Merry Christmas, the sh*tter’s full.”

The absurd scene met much praise for its attention to decrepit detail. Snots the dog, the electrocuted cat, and the famous wild squirrel all stood in one shot. The tribute was so spot-on that Chevy Chase shared it on Facebook with an appropriate caption: “This is making me miss my buddy, Randy.”

Here’s the original scene for quick reference (not that you could ever forget).

Alas, some nefarious person had to ruin the fun. The dog and squirrel went missing, and creator Matt Crabtree of Crabtree FX lamented the horror:

“That’s my yard! Thank you all for liking it but sadly I had to take it down cause someone stole the dog (snots) and the squirrel today…….don’t want anything else to come up missing. But again THANK YOU ALL for liking it.”

Such a shame. Let’s hope Cousin Eddie can ride again next year.