Here’s A Crazy, Maybe Terrible, But Very Entertaining Idea For ‘Venom 2’

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10.10.18 2 Comments

(There are Venom spoilers ahead for what it’s worth.)

Hey, everybody, we’re probably going to get a lot more Venom in our future! I’ll admit, I’ve never been this excited for a sequel to a movie I thought was bad in my entire life. I honestly cannot wait. It’s funny, after the movie I joked to friends about the ridiculous mid-credit scene, how Woody Harrelson shows up to tease a movie that will never happen. I was wrong! It’s pretty evident that this movie will happen! I thought that the end of the movie tease would sit in the dustbin of film history alongside Airplane III, Buckaroo Banzai Against The World Crime League, and whatever that Sinister Six movie was going to be that was teased at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

(So at the end of Airplane II: The Sequel there’s a quick graphic that teases that Airplane III would be coming soon. Now back before the internet things like that would drive me nuts because as a little kid there was really no way of knowing what happened to Airplane III. Did I just miss it? Look, it says it right there in the credits plain as day, so where’s my Airplane III?!)

Anyway, my point is I think Venom is an objectively bad movie, but at the same time I am super excited to watch Tom Hardy flop around, eat tater tots, and say weird things. Venom, though bad, was one of my favorite movie-watching experiences of the year so far. When the social media embargo lifted on Venom I tweeted out basically that the movie was so bad it’s great, that Tom Hardy isn’t in the same movie as anyone else, and that Hardy’s Eddie Brock and Venom have a scene where they make out. This tweet got a lot of responses, but since the movie has come out in theaters I’ve gotten a good amount of, “You were right” tweets. I only mention this because this never happens on Twitter.

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