Here’s The Caper That’s Hatched When ‘Star Wars’ Is Mashed Up With ‘Oceans Eleven’

It’s pretty safe to say that Star Wars is pretty hot right now. From Disney’s announced takeover of this year’s Comic Con, to the new E3 footage for Star Wars Battlefront, and the addition of Forest Whitaker to the cast of Star Wars: Rogue One, the cinematic universe is expanding at an exponential rate. In an attempt to break the monotony before we achieve peak saturation levels (who am I kidding?), we thought it’d be nice share with you all this fun video mashup.

The first YouTube video from Synaptic Studios brings together the worlds of Return Of The Jedi and Ocean’s Eleven because, really, why not? Titled Ackbar’s Eleven, this mashup seems to work a bit too perfectly. I mean, what better way to add some panache to the Rebel plans to blow up the Death Star than to add a bit of George Clooney’s voice into the mix?

Admiral Ackbar, you’re one suave gentleman.

(Via CinemaBlend)