Get Closer With The Griswold Family In The Latest Trailer For ‘Vacation’

The green-band for Vacation has been released and it gives us a chance to better acquaint ourselves with the tamer side of the latest Griswold family adventure. This time Ed Helms is a grown up Rusty Griswold, dragging his wife Christina Applegate and their kids to Walley World in an effort to recapture that family spirit from his youth. And sing in the car. Ed Helms has to sing, despite his character clearly hating it as a kid. Makes sense.

There’s no Hemsworth wang in this trailer, but it does show that the movie isn’t going to rely on the cheap raunch to sell the comedy. It still sounds like a terrible idea to bring back the series, but whatever. If it’s funny at this point and people are entertained, it doesn’t truly matter.

I just want to know why you’re deciding to swim in raw sewage without knowing it is raw sewage. I also don’t know why you’re putting it in your mouth without knowing it is raw sewage. Raw sewage humor.

(Via Yahoo / Warner Bros.)