Viggo Mortensen Fights The Good Hippie Fight In The Trailer For ‘Captain Fantastic’

Have you ever wished that Viggo Mortensen was your dad? C’mon, don’t try to make this weird. Who wouldn’t want Viggo (or Papa V, as you could probably call him once) protecting you with his powerful papa-arms? He seems well-equipped to deal with evil, horses seem to trust him and he could probably kick other dads’ asses in a naked shower fight. Viggo being your dad fantasies are the tops, dude! Well, maybe aside from ones involving the The Road.

The A History of Violence actor plays the patriarch of an unconventional family in the upcoming drama Captain Fantastic. (As you probably guessed from the “unconventional family” thing, this movie totally screened at Sundance.) A freshly revealed trailer has arrived featuring Viggo as an idealistic dad raising his kids away from the public, but finds himself having to face society when a tragedy rocks his family. Oh, also Frank Langella intimidates Viggo with something that feels not that far removed from the Over the Top playbook. There’s laughs, love, misunderstandings, super sad things and hot takes on cold sugary beverages.

Written/directed by 28 Hotel Rooms filmmaker Matt Ross, Captain Fantastic also stars Missi Pyle, Kathryn Hahn and Steve “Yes, I appear in a lot of these” Zahn in the cast. We’re still holding out hope for an Elton John cameo, but that can be taken care of later. The film is slated to hit theaters on July 8.