Jonah Hill And Miles Teller Are Stoner Arms Dealers In The Freshly Released Trailer For ‘War Dogs’

Jonah Hill and Miles Teller make some questionable decisions plus a lot of dough in the freshly released trailer for the action-comedy War Dogs.

Directed by Hangover trilogy helmer Todd Phillips, this upcoming cinematic offering is based on Guy Lawson’s Rolling Stone piece on the bizarre true story of arms dealers David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli. (You might remember rumblings about the film back when it was still titled Arms and the Dudes.) If the trailer that’s been served up is any indication, Hill and Teller fit the bill nicely as stoner weapon suppliers that would do something silly like ridiculously underbid for a government contract and wind up succeeding.

Hill pulls the bulk of the focus in the preview, but that’s what happens when you hook this guy up with a gloriously gaudy chain and let him fire massive guns with a look of euphoria on his face. War Dogs also boasts the acting services of Ana de Armas and Bradley Cooper. Cooper is a producer of the film, which was originally set for a spring release, but has now been rescheduled for arrival on August 19.

Phillips chatted a bit with USA Today about the motion picture and he says the story of Packouz and Diveroli is right in his wheelhouse:

“I like making movies about bad decisions,” Phillips says. “This is the ultimate story about these two guys making some key bad decisions in their lives — seeing an angle and exploiting that angle but going too far.”

In case you were wondering, War Dogs ranks as the director’s first non-Hangover movie since 2010’s Hangover-esque road trip comedy Due Date.