But Really, What If Werner Herzog Directed ‘Ant-Man’?

When Edgar Wright walked away from directing Ant-Man, Marvel quickly offered the job to Peyton Reed, but what if they had given the job to Werner Herzog instead? That’s the question posed by Matt Torpey and Patrick Willems, who also brought us Wes Anderson’s X-Men, Ingmar Bergman’s The Flash, Tommy Wiseau’s Batman, a “Fake Geek Girls” slasher movie trailer, an action flick Doctor Who, and White Luke Cage.

He answers it with a serviceable impression of a Werner Herzog voiceover. And if you’re not familiar with inspirational quotesmith and hater of chickens Werner Herzog, you should be. He’s the director of Grizzly Man, the biggest Disney fanatic on Parks And Recreation, the maker of hardcore anti-texting-while-driving PSAs, and a guy who got shot in the stomach mid-interview and just kept going because the poet must not look away.

Yeah, we’d watch that version of Ant-Man. Spoiler: there would be no sequels. Nature cares nothing about your franchise plans.

(Via Patrick Willems)