Here’s Where You Expect ‘Oppenheimer’ To Be Streaming

The Barbenheimer phenomenon was enjoyed by both Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures, albeit as a fan-driven movement, and it likely benefited both films by making this a double-feature that people wanted to experience. The global box-office returns were phenomenal, too, with Greta Gerwig’s pink paradise crossing the $1.4 billion mark and Christopher Nolan’s return to form coming in at $953 million.

Of course, not everyone made it to theater for a double feature or even for their preferred choice, and there’s also plenty of reason to rewatch both of these films. With that said, there’s already an announced date (Nov. 21) to see Cillian Murphy’s eyes carry the weight of the world on VOD (including on Amazon). Where (and when) will the film be available on streaming, though?

Given that Oppenheimer is a Universal film, that’s a sure sign that NBC Universal’s streaming service, Peacock, will be hosting exclusive streaming rights at first. The service is already streaming an Oppenheimer documentary to get things warmed up.

As for the “when,” one can expect at least a slight wait after the VOD date hits. Christopher Nolan previously worked out a deal with Universal Pictures to give the film a 90-day theatrical window, and he was not thrilled with how HBO Max handled the 2021 streaming situation. With that said, it makes sense that Nolan and Universal would also want to give VOD a substantial window, too, but eventually, the streaming day shall come.