Leslie Mann Explains Why She And Dakota Johnson Flirted With That Reporter

If you were wondering why Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson hit on a reporter at a press junket for their new movie How To Be Single, you’re in luck. Mann explains it all for Seth Meyers.

In the press junket clip, Mann and Johnson grill the reporter about his workout routine, and then get him to unbutton three buttons on his shirt. He tries some pickup lines on them, which they sort of laugh at. Of the interview, Meyers says, “You almost broke some laws.” Mann shot back, “I know.” Then she explains that she’s become too caught up in “being single” on this press tour.

“It’s weird because I’m sitting with Dakota all day, and she’s 26 years old, and single, and beautiful, and I kind of start thinking that I’m like her. Everyone’s saying like, ‘What’s it like to be single? What’s it like?’ At first I’m like, ‘Well, I’ve been married, I’ve been married.’ And then I forget. And then I get caught up in the whole thing.”

Mann said that her husband Judd Apatow made her feel bad about the video, but then when the reporter tweeted it out, Judd replied with “FOURSOME.” Meyers then volunteers to be the fourth.