Will Ferrell Has A Surprising Response For One Of The Quotes He Hears The Most From Fans

Much like Samuel L. Jackson, Will Ferrell has delivered many instantly-quotable lines over the years, including “It’s so damn hot, milk was a bad choice” from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, “So many activities!” from Step Brothers, and “You sit on a throne of lies!” from Elf (not to mention dozens of classic SNL sketches, including arguably the show’s most famous sketch). But the line he hears the most, shouted by the same strangers who tell SLJ to hold onto his butt, comes from a movie he’s barely in.

When asked about his appearance in Wedding Crashers (directed by David Dobkin, the same guy who did Netflix’s goofy, glorious Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga), specifically the line where he screams for his “Ma” to get him some meatloaf, Ferrell told CinemaBlend, “Who would have known that a one-day cameo would have led to one of the lines that has consistently been shouted at me more than any other line?” Just wait until he starts hearing “play Ja Ja Ding Dong!!!!!!!!!” wherever he goes.

Ferrell was also questioned about his involvement in Wedding Crashers 2, which has been in development since 2016. “It’s Wedding Crashers 2: Divorce Court. It’s going to be a drama, it’s going to be a courtroom drama,” he joked. Make room on our top-10 list!

(Via CinemaBlend)