Will There Be A ‘Godzilla Minus One’ Sequel?

Godzilla Minus One has been a surprise and welcomed hit for Godzilla fans. It’s literally the first Godzilla movie to ever be nominated for an Oscar. People are here for it, which can definitely be felt by the critical reactions and box office.

Naturally, the big question is will Godzilla Minus One get a sequel that continues to bring the King of the Monsters back to his post-war Japanese roots. Given the film’s breakout success that’s already sparked a black-and-white remaster in theaters, you’d assume a sequel is in the works. However, Godzilla Minus One director Takashi Yamazaki doesn’t have encouraging news on that front.

In a new interview, Yamazaki reveals that no one has talked to him about a sequel yet. Via Comic Book:

“No, no, there is no such talk at all. But I might be a little sad if someone else is chosen to direct the next Godzilla movie,” Yamazaki began. “When someone says, ‘This is the person who will direct the next Godzilla,’ I think, ‘Ah!’ And when someone says, ‘Please do it,’ I think, ‘Ah!’ (laughs) If I were to direct the next movie, I would like to do a sequel to this one, but since there have been two standalone Godzilla movies in a row, I think the next movie will probably have to include an enemy monster.”

As Yamasaki notes, the fact that no one has discussed a Godzilla Minus One sequel with him doesn’t mean that one isn’t happening. Another director could be taking reins, which he’d prefer not to happen, especially since he seems to already be cooking up an idea for a follow-up that would have Godzilla throw down in a monster brawl. We’re guessing Godzilla fans will have no complaints there.

Godzilla Minus One is currently playing in theaters.

(Via Comic Book)