Woody Allen Decides To Speak Out And Say He’s ‘Sad’ For Harvey Weinstein Over His Sexual Assault Scandal

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10.15.17 5 Comments

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Countless actors, actresses, and Hollywood elite have spoken out about Harvey Weinstein at this point, sharing their own experiences and condemning the environment that allowed him to thrive. As the future of Weinstein’s career begins to look bleak, especially after his removal from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, questions and accusations have bubbled up about others in Hollywood. Amazon has already faced this issue directly and allegations have been whispered about others, but it has also reminded many about allegations that have already existed in the past.

Woody Allen is one of those individuals, with Amazon choosing to cancel the red carpet for his film Wonder Wheel amid the Weinstein scandal and others bringing up the allegations of molestation and sexual assault made against Allen by Mia Farrow and her children, Dylan and Ronan Farrow. Allen has denied the allegations in the past, but it hasn’t stopped criticism of the director and those who choose to work with him.

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