A Jaunty ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Deleted Scene Proves The Movie Could Have Been Much More Entertaining

The majority of critics and fans were very disappointed with the X-Men: Apocalypse final product, or at least found it hard to enjoy the few good parts through a haze of blandness and apathetic performances. It was a movie with no real “joy factor” despite taking place in the neon-filled 80’s and introducing teenage versions of beloved mutants like Jubilee and Jean Grey. So much potential went unfulfilled in the third movie in this X-Men trilogy, leaving many hoping that there were at least lessons learned by Bryan Singer and the rest of the team behind the film.

With any luck, the majority of the actors can come back in a fourth installment to go out on a better note. (Don’t worry Jennifer Lawrence. No one is forcing you to put on the blue makeup ever again.) But now, that sense of closure might come sooner than expected, at least in the smallest of doses. A new deleted scene has been released that shows Jean Grey, Jubilee, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler going to the mall together and having a grand ol’ time at the arcade – even using their powers to zap the machine back to life when they run out of quarters. It’s all the nostalgic joys of being a teenager in the 80’s, plus mutant abilities. Sounds awesome! If only that enjoyable mall outing could have been squeezed into a movie that had no such fun anywhere else.

There might be a reason it was conveniently left out of the movie though, as at the end of the clip the group is talking about which of the original Star Wars trilogy movies is the best. In a meta moment, as the rest of them are arguing a split opinion about the first two movies Jean Grey says that “the third one is always the worst.” Maybe Singer and the rest had a feeling about what the critical reaction would be and decided not to feed the negative opinions with a layup?

(via io9)