Zack Snyder Gives The World The Gift Of A New ‘Aquaman’ Peek For His Birthday

While the Justice League release date is still many months away, fans are still keeping their ears to the ground for any news rumblings that may come their way. Director Zack Snyder decided to drop a little tidbit on his Twitter feed this evening under the guise of “working on his birthday.” While gifts are traditionally given to people on their birthdays, Snyder decided to buck tradition, instead giving fans a five second glimpse of Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa in action under the sea.

While the clip is very, very brief, it still raises a number of questions. First of all, who is the dude that Aquaman is meeting? While the armor design points to his half brother/full enemy Orm, Patrick Wilson wasn’t expected to join the DCU until Aquaman’s standalone film. However, a quick cameo in Justice League would serve as some valuable set up, so this could possibly be confirmation of Wilson’s involvement.

Secondly, while it may be more accurate when you consider the actual anatomy of fish, the fact that Momoa has gills on his ribcage (No, you were staring at his muscles) looks super weird, right? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is Aquaman wearing jeans? Sure, he’s got super powers, but nothing can save you from the abject misery of wet jeans. Nothing.

Justice League will hit theaters November 17, 2017.