Zendaya Just Wanted To Take A Selfie Of Her Hat, But Everyone Thought She Was Engaged To Tom Holland

J. Jonah Jameson will have to wait for pictures of Spider-Man(‘s girlfriend showing off an engagement ring).

On Thursday, Zendaya posted a picture to her Instagram Story showing off her outfit. The Challengers star looked cool as hell because, duh, she’s Zendaya, but it wasn’t her fit or Golden State Warriors hat that people were talking about; it was her ring. Rumors started circulating that the photo was her of way of announcing that she was engaged to Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland, but there was one issue with this assumption: the ring was on her right hand.

“I posted [the photo] for my hat, not for the ring on my right finger you guys! Seriously, you think that’s how I would drop the news?” the Dune: Part Two actress said while laughing in a since-deleted video according to People.

After appearing to have deleted the original snapshot, Zendaya re-uploaded the photo to her Instagram Story to reiterate that she meant nothing by the post. “Let me just put the full body back so ya’ll can relax,” she wrote.

Maybe Zendaya and Tom Holland will get hitched someday. Maybe they won’t. But if they do get engaged, you (probably?) won’t learn about it from a car reflection selfie. Just something to consider.

(Via People)