Ain’t Got Nothin’ But Time: 15 Great Songs Released Posthumously

One year ago today, Amy Winehouse passed away at the cursed age of 27. It still feels weird typing that. For years, people would halfheartedly joke that Winehouse dying too young was a given — it’s what we do now with Lindsey Lohan. It was the only thing we could do: she possessed an insane amount of talent — her voice sounded like it was from three different eras at once — but her personal life was a mess, and there was nothing we could do. We joked because we were mad — how could someone with so much God-given ability squander it?

And then we were right: on July 22, Amy was there. On July 23, Amy was gone. And it still sucks. While she was alive, she only put two albums, 2003’s Frank and her 2006 masterpiece Back to Black (“Tears Dry On Their Own” is one of my favorite songs from the 2000s). But in the 365 days since she passed, Island Records has released a compilation album of previously unreleased songs, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, and various songs of hers have come out, too, including the great “Cherry Wine” with Nas.

With Amy Winehouse in mind, here are 15 great songs from 15 great artists that were posthumously released:

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“Sky’s the Limit” by the Notorious B.I.G.

Day Notorious B.I.G. Died: March 9, 1997
Day Song Was Released: March 25, 1997

“I Ain’t Got Nothin’ but Time” by Hank Williams

Day Hank Williams Died: January 1, 1953
Day Song Was Released: 1954

“You Know You’re Right” by Nirvana

Day Kurt Cobain Died: April 5, 1994
Day Song Was Released: October 8, 2002

“Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin

Day Janis Joplin Died: October 4, 1970
Day Song Was Released: January 11, 1971

“Freedom” by Jimi Hendrix

Day Jimi Hendrix Died: September 18, 1970
Day Song Was Released: April 3, 1971

“To Live & Die in L.A.” by Tupac Shakur

Day Tupac Shakur Died: September 13, 1996
Day Song Was Released: November 5, 1996

“(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding

Day Otis Redding Died: December 10, 1967
Day Song Was Released: January 8, 1968

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash

Day Johnny Cash Died: September 12, 2003
Day Song Was Released: July 4, 2006

“Isolation” by Joy Division

Day Ian Curtis Died: May 18, 1980
Day Song Was Released: July 18, 1980

“True Love Ways” by Buddy Holly

Day Buddy Holly Died: February 3, 1959
Day Song Was Released: June 29, 1960

“Brass Buttons” by Gram Parsons

Day Gram Parsons Died: September 19, 1973
Day Song Was Released: January 1974

“Don’t Know What to Tell Ya” by Aaliyah

Day Aaliyah Died: August 25, 2001
Day Song Was Released: May 20, 2003 (in the U.K.)

“Silver and Gold” by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros

Day Joe Strummer Died: December 22, 2002
Day Song Was Released: October 21, 2003

“Last Hour” by Elliott Smith

Day Elliott Smith Died: October 21, 2003
Day Song Was Released: October 19, 2004

“Everybody Here Wants You” by Jeff Buckley

Day Jeff Buckley Died: May 29, 1997
Day Song Was Released: May 26, 1998