22Gz Goes ‘Behind The Video’ For His Home-Grown ‘Suburban Pt. 2’ Visual

The latest installment of Uproxx’s Behind The Video series is focused on Brooklyn drill pioneer 22Gz and his visual for “Suburban Pt. 2.” The song, a highlight from the 2020 album Growth & Development, is his biggest one yet, as it earned the rapper his first RIAA Gold certification just a few days ago. A video is a major component of any successful single and now 22Gz shows us what went into creating the attention-grabbing clip (which has over 29 million YouTube views).

22Gz says he shot the video “all in one day” on “my block” in Flatbush. He also noted that the clip’s gas station setting is actually an uncommon one given the context, saying, “In New York, we don’t really got gas stations in the middle of the hood like that. Luckily, we do, so I’m like, ‘Alright, f*ck it, we over there.'”

A black Chevy Suburban is also a focal point of the video (a logical decision given the name of the song) and 22Gz explained why that’s the case: “That’s the way it all started. I can hold more than a regular four-seater would, so we could ride eight-deep in the car and be acting like it’s a whole party in there.”

Elsewhere in the video, the rapper gets deeper into the clip and also responds to fan comments about it, so check out 22Gz’s episode of Behind The Video above.

22Gz is a Warner Music artist. .