Here Are All Of Billy Joel’s Music Videos, Ranked

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05.09.16 2 Comments

Music videos offer a unique chance for songwriters and musicians to see their stories fully realized, but most fritter away the opportunity and aim for cheap thrills, tributes to themselves, and the shine of their well-cultivated images. Billy Joel’s music video career doesn’t match the grandeur of his legendary pop music career — how could it? — but while every video Joel made isn’t above the fray, and they don’t all represent the highest peak of the art form’s range, there are bold attempts to marry the two worlds and talk about our shared history in powerful videos like the one for “Goodnight Saigon,” “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” and “The Downeaster Alexa.” There are also some fun videos, some silly ones, some awful ones, and a bunch of boring concert videos. Together, though, they form a body of work that deserves to be honored and maybe lovingly skewered. With that in mind, here’s a ranking and appraisal of all of Billy Joel’s music videos…

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