50 Cent Goes Back To His Gritty Beginnings In The ‘Still Think I’m Nothin’ Video Featuring Jeremih

50 Cent has his hands in many pots. He’s a TV producer, actor, entrepeneur – and unofficial member of the Floyd Mayweather marketing team. He’s got so much going on that you almost forget he’s still a rapper, and a pretty good one when he wants to be. Fif recently decided to remind all of us with his “Still Think I’m Nothin’” track featuring frequent collaborator Jeremih. The gritty track covers familiar terrain for 50, as he recalls his comeup from humble beginnings into millions. Director Elf Rivera crafted the video, which chronicles young 50’s journey through the gritty streets of his native South Jamaica, Queens.

As he rhymes, “see that tear in my mama eye? That mean the rent due,” we see an actor portraying a young Curtis Jackson on a mission to retrieve it. Jeremih’s sultry vocal tone is about the lightest aspect of the track, as 50 raps intensely about his “different type of temperament,” which we’ve seen this year in conflicts with Conor McGregor, Wendy Williams, and LT Hutton, the director of Tupac’s All Eyez On Me biopic.

The video is a quintessential “ashy to classy” narrative, juxtaposing 50 traversing the dark streets against scenes of him enjoying his present life in the company of women and champagne. Time will tell if the track is a one-off or a single from his long promised Street King Immortal album.

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