It Was So Hot Outside In Phoenix That 50 Cent Had To Postpone His Show There

50 Cent is currently on his Final Lap Tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of his breakout, J. Cole-favorite debut, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. But while the tour’s setlist includes fan-favorite tracks like “Disco Inferno,” the temperatures in one destination got so high that the bulletproof rapper-turned-mogul had to bail.

On Monday, he tweeted, “Due to extreme heat, the show tomorrow in Phoenix, AZ is being postponed. For anyone who would like a refund, please go to point of purchase for instructions. I’ll be back in Arizona soon! 116 degrees is dangerous for everyone.” Of course, he couldn’t just express concern for fans’ wellbeing without also throwing in some of his trademark humor, so he included a few photos of his concert’s pyrotechnics along with the screenshot of the excessive heat warning from his weather app.

According to Billboard, excessive heat has affected numerous shows in the past few months; 16 people were hospitalized at a Snoop Dogg show in Houston last week, while July shows with Ed Sheeran and Jason Aldean saw similar results. 17 people were hospitalized at Sheeran’s show in Pittsburgh, while Aldean’s Hartford tour opener ended early when the singer turned out to be dehydrated with heat exhaustion.

The summer heat — which many believe is driven by human-caused climate change — is no joke. Make sure you stay inside if possible and drink LOTS of water. However much you think you need — double it. Stay safe out there.